On the 9th April EHSAA held its annual spring comp which produced a fish of life time  for Shane Salmon with a Spur Dog of 25lb 4oz. This fish beats the current  boat caught record of 24lb 5oz

Spring Comp 9th April 2017 

   A very special day's fishing for the 1st Comp of 2017. 15 boats with 43 anglers including 3 Junior Anglers went afloat With a flat calm sea there were no restrictions on where to fish.   The most notable caught was a new Club Record and a potential British Record of a Spurdog (Squalus acanthias) weighing 25lbs 4oz. This magnificent fish is awaiting ratification by the powers that be.   Other good fish caught were a Plaice of 4lbs 2 ½ oz by Reg Boyce, a Tub Gurnard of 4lbs 0oz by John Water, just ½ oz under the Club Record, a Pollack of 8lbs 4 1/8oz by Junior Angler Reece Potter, a Plaice of 2lbs 1oz by Junior Angler Alfie Oliver. Paula Oliver took the Ladies Cup with a Tub Gurnard of 1lb 10oz. Alan Kent had the best bag of 3 dogs with a weight of 4lbs 15 1/8oz.   Every boat afloat was inundated with swarms of small flies which also made it a day to remember.

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